Be part of the Wonderscape experience…

Want to meet other makers? Learn from experts? Experiment with different artistic disciplines? Spend time in nature and translate inspiration into your craft? Become part of a collaborative community where new ideas are born?

You’re in the right place! Welcome to Wonderscape.

Wonderscape is a non-profit organization that offers an annual retreat, during the last weekend of September, built around nature, creativity and connection.

What sets Wonderscape apart?

You might choose Wonderscape over other options if you are looking for…

-a multi-disciplinary experience where makers cross-pollinate ideas.

-a place where all backgrounds and skill levels are welcome. Check your ego at the highway and turn down the gravel road towards Wonderscape where authenticity is more important than status.

-a retreat that is yours to shape. Wonderscape is not a consumer experience, but an artistic potluck. The gathering will be flavoured by what you bring to it.

What kind of people go to Wonderscape?

Wonderscape is for full-time artists who want to network, for construction workers and lawyers and accountants who want to listen to their creative calling, for musicians, fibre artists, poets, woodcarvers, and actors looking for some outdoor rejuvenation, and for stay-at-home parents who just need a little time to devote to their craft. Wonderscape is for the 21-year-old university student and the 80-year-old widow. Wonderscape is founded on the premise that everyone has the capacity to respond creatively to the world around them.

Check out  Wonderscape Creative Arts Facebook and Instagram to get a feel for the experience.

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Photo credit: Janelle Yakimishen